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API and other Integrations

DBGallery integrates with other systems in the following ways:

  1. Our REST API
    Full access to your image collection via a programmable interface. While company staff may manage your company's digital assets using our web UI, allow your own website or 3rd party applications to fully access it programmatically. Search and find. Download. Upload. Add metadata. The place to begin is using our REST API Guide, which is kept in Google Docs.

  2. Rest API

  3. Site to site. Integrate by providing login and guest access to DBGallery using a subdomain of your website (e.g. DBGallery becomes a full-featured image viewing, searching, and management service that appears to be running from your website...with negligable effort on your web developers part! This integration works well for WordPress and Drupal sites, as examples.

    A Scenario: Your site has paying members in which each member has their own portfolio of images. Birdwatchers or Equine photographer groups, for example. When one of the visitors to those sites presses a member's Photo Portfolio button it takes that visitor directly to the member's portfolio section of DBGallery. If the member choses to Login, they may manage their own collection within DBGallery while appearing to be still on the original site.

    See the Digital Asset Management Website Integration page for details on how the above scenario works in general. Or see the Equine Prographers Network example for a direct look at how it works for an existing customer, which includes a Quick Guide to Integration.

  4. Direct file access.
    All files are stored directly in folders on your file server (on-prem server version) or on our fileserver where secure access is provided upon request (SaaS Enterprise). Images may be accessed, retreived, and edited directly from those locations using any third party system.

  5. Using an iFrame.
    Related to the previous item, use an iFrame: Have DBGallery displayed directly within your company's website using an iFrame. Using iFrames may be rather old option, but it is still a viable option and used by currently DBGallery customers. All features from the immediate item above is available within the iFrame rather than directing the users to a DBGallery subdomain of yours.

  6. Direct database access.
    Access our MySQL database may be directly accessed. We provide the required schema documentation and help with the SQL when needed. For detailed access the REST API is recommended, but in cases where that isn't sufficient, this is an alternative.

Third-party Systems Integration Help

Need to integrate with a third-party system? We're here to help, whether it's a simple connection or a complex integration. Our extensive experience integrating with various systems allows us to tackle any challenge, whether using third-party integration options or those mentioned above. We work efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring a smooth and successful integration process. Contact or use our contact page to leave us a message.

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