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Supported File Formats

Any type of file may be added to DBGallery.

Supported File Formats

Most photo and video file formats have full support, while some, such as vector graphics, have all but full preview support (where the image must be opened in its native application for full viewing).

Files that are not photos, videos, or PDFs (such as Word, Excel, CAD and 3D files), DBGallery will display a generic icon with a file extension within the icon. To view the contents of these files a Download button is prominently displayed and 3rd party software is required for viewing.

For more specifics on supported file types, see our File Formats FAQ.

Excluding File Types

For scenarios where all file types should not be uploaded, a file type exclusion list may be specified. To exclude file types, choose the 3 dots next the any folder. All sub-folders will also be restricted.

To restrict across then entire system, restrict them at the root folders level. File Type Exclusions

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