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Did You Know?

There are cool, interesting and useful features and capabilities in DBGallery that aren’t always obvious or well known. Did you know…

  • You can upload huge files? We’ve tested with many gigabytes but the limit is storage space.

  • Files can be of any type. Office files. CAD, 3D. Anything.

  • The number of files, aka assets, can be in the millions. (Assuming sufficient storage space.)

  • Share links will unfurl when dropped onto most social media apps: Share URLs Unfurling

  • You can call Collections anything you want. Projects, Campaigns, Albums, anything. See the first panel of the Tools / Preferences page to set it.

  • If images have GPS stamps, they can be viewed across a map, and they’ll also automatically have street address, city and country added as tags during upload.

  • In the Comments panel on image preview, you can rely to comments made by others (and get notified when new comments are added). It’s a good place for a conversation if on a creative team:

Comments and Replies Screenshot

  • Leave a comment at a specific video frame by pausing then adding the comment. The timestamp stored with the comment is clickable and will return to that frame!

  • You don’t have to use a lot of folders! Drop everything in one folder. Then use Data Views, Collections or search to find what you’re looking for. If used to creating and organizing into folders, that fine; it’s just not mandatory.

  • Data fields which are shown in most areas of the application can be removed and others added. Don’t need to see subject and author were data is being entered but need a couple custom fields there instead? Use the top menu’s Tools / Data layout settings to configure what is shown where.

  • You can use browser bookmarks for Folders, Collections, and even single images. Those URLs can be passed to others who have access to those locations. “Jacky, see this folder:” (Login with DAdmin/dbg to see this example)

  • Your settings follow you around. This is because they’re stored in the database. Go to another device and after logging in your sort order is there, your data layout settings, whether the folders is shown, your latest folders list is on the dashboard, etc.

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