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Sharing is simple and secure, with no login required.

Selecting Images to Share

To share images select any number of thumbs and press the Share images button.

Sharing: Select and Share Button

Share Settings

Copy the URL by pressing Ok, or the Copy to clipboard button to the right of the link, then drop it into an email, chat message, a document, or anywhere else.

Sharing Popup

Share links do not require a login. They are secure in that to view the images in the share the full long and complex link would have to be guessed.

Shared images are viewed directly from their location within DBGallery, not a copy placed somewhere. If the image’s data is updated the new data will be seen when the share link is opened. As well, if an image is deleted it will no longer show when the share link is opened. Those that will exist will, of course, so delete one image doesn’t break the share link entirely.


Share links will unfurl when dropped onto most social media apps. In the animated example to the left, Slack unfurls the link to flip through thumbs of the images being shared.

Sharing Unfurling

What the Recipient Sees

When the link is clicked the following would appear.

Sharing: What the recipient sees

Changes after Sharing

After an image is shared, several things can change regarding what the user will see.

  • Data Layout: If the data layout setting is changed after sharing images, the new layout is what the user will see (not the data layout when the images were shared).  See Data Layout Settings for more on configuring which data is shown for shared images.
  • Image Data: Any data which has changed since the share was created will be seen by those opening the share link.
  • The image itself: If a new version of a shared image is uploaded, the latest version is shown.   I.e. The version shared, and hence the one viewed by share link recipients, can be replaced by adding a new version. See Version Control for how a new version may be uploaded.

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