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Slack Integration

DBGallery integrates with Slack to let users search across their entire asset collection directly from Slack. Results may then be shared to channels or direct messaged to your Slack contacts. It’s very convenient for teams which use Slack regularly. Here we explain usage in detail with examples on how to use it. DBGallery - Slack Integration

Where to get the app

DBGallery may be downloaded from the Slack App Directory, or directly from our site at our Slack integration page.

NOTE: A direct install works when you have an account at If using our on-prem server or you are a cloud Enterprise client using your own domain name, please contact DBGallery support for the required config settings.


As with other Slack apps, use / to begin a command. All DBGallery commands begin with /dbgallery, so just typing /dbg and pressing enter is a good way to begin.

Typing /dbgallery help will show the available commands, where search is the most important:

Slack Integration: Help

First Step: Logging in

Start with the sign-in command from anywhere in Slack: /dbgallery sign-in. This will take you to your regular DBGallery login page in your browser where your usual credentials are entered. Once logged in, return to Slack where searches within DBGallery can now be performed.

Search Examples

The exact same search commands available within DBGallery are available in our Slack app. Type those search terms after “/dbgallery search” :

  • /dbgallery search Conference
    • Searches all data across all images for the whole word Conference
  • /dbgallery search Conf*
    • Search for all words beginning with Conf
  • /dbgallery search +Conf* +Atlanta
    • Must have a word beginning with Conf and must include Atlanta
  • /dbgallery search +Conference -Europe
    • Must have Conference but not have Europe (looking for all non-Europe conference images)
  • /dbgallery search 'Marketing workflow logo'
    • Use single quotes to find images which have any of the words (without single quote only images with all the search terms are returned)

Searches may be fairly complex:

  • /dbgallery search +Conference +Asia -China +"SGH-I337M"
    • Must include Conference and Asia, but not China and taken with a "SGH-I337M" camera model.

Working with Search Results

When search results are returned what is shown only visible to you.

Slack Integration: Working with Results

To share or view images from the search results there are 4 courses of action (from bottom up in the above screenshot):

1. Post to everyone in this channel: Posts this image directly to the current channel. Only available when in a Channel (not available in Direct Message chats, where a “Save to my app” is needed to share).

2. Save to my app: This is required for Direct Messages (the “Post to everyone in this channel” button isn’t available for DMs. Once pressed, and as shown in the ‘Save to my app’ screenshot below, go to the App section of Slack’s left-side tree, and use the Share button to share to any DM (or anywhere else with Slack). I.e. Sharing to DMs has extra steps.

After using Save to my app share to others on Slack by going to the App then pressing the Share button, as shown here:

Slack Integration: Save to my App

3. Open this file in the browser: Show just that one file in Preview mode in DBGallery in the default web browser.

4. Show 54 results in DBGallery: Show the full search result in DBGallery in the default web browser.

Working with Document Files

When looking to share or download documents from DBGallery (anything but photos, graphic formats, video and PDFs) search results will be shown without an image preview. To share or download for viewing, use the “Save to my app” button, go to the app, and choose download or share.

Slack Integration: Working with Document Files

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