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Logo Change

Change the logo in the top-right corner as well as the login page by rolling the mouse cursor over the existing logo and pressing the Change Logo button, as shown below.  To change back to the default DBGallery logo press the X button next to Change Logo.

White Labelling - Logo Change

This changes both the top-right corner logo, as above, and the logo on the login page.

White Labelling - Login Logo Change

Tip: Use a transparent PNG for a better look, especially on the login page.  Or match the background with DBGallery bluest background.

Browser Tab Icon

To set the icon shown in browsers’ tab, select ‘Upload and save’ to choose either a .PNG or .ICO file. This icon is also known as the site’s favicon.

White Labelling - Icon Change

Browser Tab Text

For Enterprise subscriptions and On-premise installations, the text of the browser tab can be specified. On the web server, change the appsettings.config file to add the following:

<add key="MainHeaderText" value="My Company" />
<add key="MainHeaderDefaultRight" value="" />

The default values are:

<add key="MainHeaderText" value="DBGallery" />
<add key="MainHeaderDefaultRight" value="Digital Asset Management" />

After changing tab text, stop and restart the IIS website.

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