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DBGallery’s Foundation


DBGallery’s architecture and code, and especially its database, is optimized for performance! Typically search results are returned between 1/2 and 3 seconds. This is the case when run on moderate hardware and up to 500,000 images. Even when over 1 million images, search results are typically under 5 seconds.

For Enterprise and on-premise systems, these times can be optimized by various means, such as a faster database server, to achieve the most demanding speed requirements.


DBGallery has a solid foundation! Its development team consistently priorizes bugs over new features. It’s architecture is simple but robust, with uptime typically at the 99.99% level.


Security has been a core part of DBGallery’s design from the start and is forever being tweaked, upgraded, and discussed during new feature designs. It isn’t user user management and secure sharing, but in areas our customers never see, everywhere from our architecture preventing backend attacks such as SQL injection, to using best pactises in backend hardware configuration.


DBGallery’s architecture, especially when hosted in the cloud, allows for expansion in both size and speed. Any size image collection can be accommodated. As the collection size expands, underlying hardware is easily tweaked and upgraded with a few clicks to meet the most demanding performance requirements…no matter how large it has grown, how many users it has accessing it each hour, or where on the planet they are.

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